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That skirt is everything! Gotta love Kenzio for dressing Robin @BBGLINK #NYC #bloombergnews #professionals

That skirt is everything! Gotta love Kenzio for dressing Robin @BBGLINK #NYC #bloombergnews #professionals

REGRAM@jmakjeans Startups Entrepreneurs congregated Mars Lunar Sea chat @BBGLINK #BBGNBT

REGRAM@jmakjeans Startups Entrepreneurs congregated Mars Lunar Sea chat @BBGLINK #BBGNBT

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President Obama addresses - a broken Immigration System at Hispanic Congressional Caucus at Gala.  But, what if you were already here in the US and had health care? Both sound good right? Yet, lets see this for what it is.  Although millions of Latinos have affordable health care, something is still broken.  Around this great country of ours we find Hispanics looking for great health care for our families.  Why does a young Mexican American get punished by not being allowed to enter back into his own country and for attempting to find a better solution for his dying mother? Should he have waited for the red tape to visit Mexican doctors ( maybe because his parents didn’t have the finest insurance money could buy???) to possibly not have had the chance to see his mother survive cancer? Why do so many illegal immigrants so desperate want to stay in the land of freedom, be willing to risk by leaving in the first place? The answer is that most Hispanics do everything possible to help their families. Our Hispanic Heritage is alive in our communities. So did this dude make a mistake by taking for granted his Harvard Education? Should he have deprived him any help to cross back to US boarder?  If you think, he should not have left to begin with, let me tell you, it’s not as simple as you think.  

Nowadays, money in health care talks louder than ever. Obama care is great, but try going to the hospital, and coming to accept that your choices are limited depending on the Hospitals’ you were treated in.  Now this story really makes me weep. If given the choice to keep your mother alive or risk deportation is depressing. There is no comforting a man in faced with watching his mother dye.  Our health care system is broken.  And the largest group effected by this is Hispanics.  It is projected that Hispanics is the fastest growing demographic population to a 29% by 2050.  The health care system provided by Obama Care has a crisis because information and availability is unavailable to the group. Questionable practices should not be an option amongst Hispanics.  And, the majority of our Hispanics get their news from Social Media and Television shows like “Jane The Virigin ” debuted last night on CW, which the title alone presents a disturbing put down. Why do Latina’s have to presented in such a way.  Yet, I can’t help but be proud of our young actresses in doing her part to play leading roles, but the story itself signify’s a disproportion among content produced to help educate our people and in ridiculous circumstances. Hispanics aren’t deemed leaders in most entertainment entities. Playing to the majority of the spanish speaking demo, I get it. But it instills fear and ignorance. The larger issues still exist. And the health care described in the episode shows the malpractice was acceptable to a young Virgin.  So, it must be ok. What are our alternative/ expensive treatments worth? More than most domestic workers can afford. And, they are simply not available.  We need to address the inequality of under served communities.  

If it were me, and as I wouldn’t know what its like to be an illegal immigrant facing loss, We should not judge or have mere opinions about deportation and health crisis’ in this country.  It is not an easy topic for anyone. But not knowing what it feels like doesn’t make me less angry at the process.

Although my mother was a Guatemalan born woman who’d eventually become a US Citizen after making the US her residence, and marrying my father, I faced a desperate situation similar to loosing my mother years ago which caused me to wonder why was such an emphasis in describing her possible immortality made instead finding the solution to her recovery? Could it have been because she was over 62? Or because she was Hispanic and as consequently was told to me that her medicare didn’t want to pay for any additional treatments? 

I was born in the US and lived a happy and pretty sheltered upbringing in Southern California. Sadly, I wasn’t close to my Guatemalan family, and when it came time to accept my mothers’ death was eminent, and now forced to share the news with a family I never knew in Guatemala, my realization was both grief stricken and guilt.  As it was, I was an American, and no longer connected to my roots.  It has taken years to move on from this loss, because my mother was the connection I had to Guatemala.  My native Spanish speaking parents worked hard to recommend staying grounded and not pick up bad habits from the Gringos, and decidedly not having any Guatemalan culture left in me, other than the way I looked and food I cooked, I have set off on a journey to rediscover it.

Eventually, I would come to embrace all and both sides of being an American. This means- Hispanic, Italian, Puerto Rican and any other label I have been called.  Proudly, I am of the majority in the growing population. My rich history doesn’t need to be worn in clothing, I don’t have to wave a flag, nor do I have to be walking billboard for all things Latina. But, it wasn’t until I had seen my mother get very sick, did I come to fully appreciate any of it.  

I realized the strength it took for a Guatemalan woman traveling alone to take such an extreme voyage, and to make a decision to leave her native country behind.

Unequal parts of the health care system and the immigration reform laws by themselves aren’t issues without looking at the larger picture. It is also not to control either by diverting the health care laws and illegal immigrant crossing the borders, it is by addressing the value of desperation within the Central American countries. Let us review and fairly price emerging markets, their GDP and their exporting goods and services. Good news came out recently from the IMF - that will disperse funds from EU and America to help Central America face larger economic development in regions such as in Guatemala to deal with the poverty around the world and help stabilize currencies instead of what was done in the past to patch up issues, like a common short term problem.  Lets welcome sharing their resources by giving them a fair chance. Then it is not a problem. Do you know where your bananas come from? Do you also know less than 20% of the growers actually never get to taste them? ( And some of them come from far as Guatemala). Have you wondered how much those farmers make in a day and the value of their prices indexed on a global scale?

First generation Hispanics also sacrifice part of their true family values. One that has health care, can argue that it wouldn’t be so hard to live without it, but our health care has deeper problems than simply getting any insurance. 

Hispanic Women - More than pretty people

A colorful stage was set to showcase and honor the dedicated and talented group of Hispanic Congress at the CHCI Gala -  with Special Guest Speaker - President Barack Obama,.  Both Congressmen and women were honored at the 37th Annual Hispanic Caucus Gala held on October 2nd in Washington DC’s convention center.


Celebrating, were fashionably dressed beautiful Hispanic Women ( A recent quote I saw posted on Instagram by an intern that also attended the event  read ”When God Made the Latina, he was having fun”)… While our physical attributes are admired, it is humbling. Admittedly, I believe we are beyond magnificent beauties. As well, by 2020, Hispanics will be among the highest group in online shoppers. Hispanic women proved to be the near 50 % of growing e-commerce shoppers since 2013.  And another pole recently shared ( by e-Marketer ) Suggesting “US Hispanics are avid digital consumers” gives an indication that busy women don’t have time to go to the Tyson’s Corner Mall, instead send their husbands.  

This special night’s fashion in Washington DC didn’t suffer. It proved these unstoppable beautiful people love to show it off. Modern day Hispanic women have been able to be pretty amazing.  In the past several years, they certainly have been able to change the way the rest of DC sees them for the better.  Michelle Obama”s initiative in promoting fashion to under privileged kids, yesterday shows younger Hispanics’ especially you can be anything you want to be. As Cuban born designer Narcisco Rodgrigues and Carolina Herrera are role models in an industry dominated by white men.  And, although unable to eliminate pain and suffering from some of our community’s / country’s sicknesses, poverty and hunger, or fighting racism or sexism, Hispanic women are determined and gracious. Showing off their ball gowns with flair, here are some the ladies and gentlemen that work to better women in government. 

Pretty people - Johnathan Lozier in HUGO BOSSwith Sumeira - Women in Government …. 



And the combination of beauty and brains - Rebecca stunned in purple  Niteline Della Roufogali 

imageLovely Julia Keleher - Business Consultant in Dalia MacPhee 

image Sonia Lazano  -public service at LiUNA!  in Betsy & Adam 


Debra A.Vizzi in a Badgley Mischka- inspires and helps thousands in the borough of BRONX New York. 

Latina’s are nimble, yet have an accessibility.  These valuable characteristics allows for anyone, particularly articulate and smart women to work well in teams solving problems. Hispanic women are mothers and daughters that most people trust us. The Latina women in business today lead various groups, and some of the most powerful of this elite set, also engage in building within our community advocacy.  As President Obama spoke, he mentioned since 2014 Latinos are amongst the majority of the population now able to access an affordable health care program.  But the work now begins for the attendees of the 2014 37th Annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus GALA, empowered us.  All of our call to action…to help spread the message.  

Emerging as some of the most interesting people, Hispanic women in government are becoming brands themselves.

Now can we cheer a woot-woot!!?

"Sum of 0 = Spoken by the Mayas"

— Mayas created the Sum of 0

Exercising his charisma amongst Latinos, President Obama drives home his message he will work to help in making it possible that immigration reform laws will work on behalf of safety and welcoming foreigners to our country.  That didn’t stop an obsessed heckler, who snuck in shouting obscene remarks, during Obama’s speech, as the President addressed his plans in signing new laws allowing immigrant children rights.  Its worth mentioning however, during his administration, President Obama was responsible for a surge of over 438,421 deportations in 2013 ( contradicting his position,”Si Se Puede, Yes We Can”, isn’t it? ). Although, in this past week, and In an attempt to address the tensions that splits Republicans from the President, and to help stabilize tensions on that side which desperately want to help either control or stop any more crossing from estimated 10K illegal crossings made by children, the pres went on to sign into law a method of deterring the growing concerns for detention centers amongst the texas border.  To the largely President Obama loving Hispanic community, who really want to set up another democrat to win the next presidential election, the Pres stayed to the message.  Now on the long tail of his presidential reign, his confidence exuded through his fabulously black well fitted suit, and dare I say, looking pretty handsome.  President Obama knew he was the main event: 37th Annual CHCI awards Gala congressional Hispanic caucus institute held in Walter E.Washington Convention Center.  Yet, addressing the immigration reform last Thursday night to a packed Hispanic crowd, some of us do hope to win the larger Hispanic vote in passing fair and logical laws that helps illegal immigrants searching for a better life and to help improve crossing into this country will not become another blood bad.  

As a product of a rich and vibrant Hispanic culture, my Guatemalan mother would eventually become a proud citizen of the United States. But it was a different time, and her opportunity to search for a better future, did become a reality.  And, while the freedom of this country is tempting, we need to put into practice assistance to third world countries such as in Central America so their desperation won’t lead to a dangerous and sometime fatal deportation.  President Obama has served as a hallmark for Hispanic heritage month not only because he is the first EVER BLACK President of the United States, but he came here in much the same way most of our parents came to the US. Filled with hope and protection, we Hispanics look in admiration to the Kenyan side of Obama’s heritage to work as symbol of faith and hope.  

Other Fashionable CHCI guestsguest stars of the CHCI ( Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institue ) were the fashionable attendees in addition to Award winning Hispanic film maker and one of the most renowned innovators in technology for cinematography and direction such as Robert Rodriguez and Grammy winning entertainers Los Lobos.  This showed that it was a great opportunity to promote changes can happen.  Obamas message - he can and will make change before he ends his term as President of the United States. 


CHCI’s 37th Annual Awards Gala - the black tie event gathering of Hispanic politicians, and members of the international media was a fashionable night.  The guests were treated to entertainment by Los Lobos and - Key note speaker President Barack Obama addressed the shiny well dressed Hispanic Congressmen and women, Public Hispanic Leaders, and community advocates. 

But the main attraction was the ball gowns, frocks and designers worn by attendees.  Among the honored invited guests in attendance were NAMAD's own Robert Hatchett, Jr. with his white tuxedo bow tie and his lady friend Dawn in a Balanciaga red gown, Snr. Political Advisor for Congress Jessica Butler in a lovely Emerald Green JCrew Gown, Lorena Chambers in a DVF chiffon gown with a prized Vintage clutch and Laura Lee Hinajosa in caftan Leapord in Diane Von Furstenberg.

The mens’ fashion didn’t go un-noticed, and certainly no shortage of dandy style with plenty of bow ties and tuxedos and tails from Ralph Lauren to Prada and Hugo Boss.

"Don’t boo, Vote" on explained why immigration reform is good for our economy" #washingtongal #chci #chcidc #chcihhm (at Walter E. Washington Convention Center) - President Obama

"Don’t boo, Vote" on explained why immigration reform is good for our economy" #washingtongal #chci #chcidc #chcihhm (at Walter E. Washington Convention Center) - President Obama

In uniform tails #uniform #galonthehill #chcidc #confrences  (at CHCI Public Policy Conference)

In uniform tails #uniform #galonthehill #chcidc #confrences (at CHCI Public Policy Conference)