Cameroon’s football federation said it will investigate allegations of match-fixing by its team at the World Cup and the possible existence of ”seven bad apples” in the squad. Fecafoot said in a statement late Monday it had instructed its own ethics committee to open an investigation, although it added it had not yet been contacted by FIFA, the sport’s global governing body. Cameroon was eliminated after losing all three of its group-stage matches at the World Cup: 1-0 to Mexico, 4-0 to Croatia and 4-1 to host Brazil. ”Recent allegations of fraud around Cameroon’s three 2014 FIFA World Cup preliminary games, especially Cameroon vs. Croatia, as well as the ‘existence of seven bad apples (in our national team)’ do not reflect the values and principles promotes by our administration in line with the FIFA Code of Conduct and the ethics of our nation,” Fecafoot said in the statement.

Status : Slow archiving - Mildred Brignoni Blog on Tumblr

Moved to tumblr finally! We are moving all our back dated archives to our new and improved blog here.  So what does that mean? If you had read and wanted to share or reread any of my previous posts, I will slowing be updating archived blog.  As the industry has changed, we too adapt to newness.

Thanks to all my loyalists  -Thanks godaddy - for the past 6 years. Fans of the Mildred Brignoni fan club - please stay tuned as we make a transition and continue to read here all my past useful insights from a social media tools and tips / branded entertainment perspectives, and content marketing….We hope you continue to find our information and perspectives fresh and compelling.  

Golden Globes Dress - Carolina Herrera

Grammy’s and Fashion are like Street Style and New York Times.  Because fashion week is just around the corner, and hopefully the polar vortex will disappear sooner rather than later, here is an extra fun Spring Summer’ preview with performance by Janelle Monae. As one of the most talked about things to do during the NFL’s Superbowl is watching Advertisements, we’de like to offer something different for the fashion deprived. So, here are some of the designers’ runway show highlights to watch.  Starting with, for many more reasons Rebecca Minkoff’ colorful and fun frocks that just for trending Mayan weaves.

During the SuperBowl this Sunday, we are going to be sharing all of our New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 runway shows. These are all our own exclusive runway fashion show cover highlights.  For now, check out our for snippets and our Youtube Mildred Brignoni channel just posted Mara Hoffman.  As youtube’s policy is to prevent 3rd party use of music, you can watch all of the unedited versions here.  

dress=Carolina Herrera’s Fall Winter 2013.  image

And, today the Oscar Nominations were announced.  Turn of the century wardrobe, circling back last February’s Carolina Herrera show, while Oscar Nominated Costume Designer Patricia Norris for “Twelve Years A Slave” most likely wrapped shooting the movie makes perfect sense for the entire Hair Style and entire Southern Bell - Pre Colonial attire.  
I liked it!! Haters not welcomed.  For fun, we’d like to play a game: Click the Julie’s image and tell us who wore it best - Julie Bowen above - or Model? shoot back a tweet with time of exact model cat walk in this garment. 

(-the Television Star - Julie Bowen wearing her gown on Golden Globes red carpets and the movies nominated during award ceremony 2014).  

Reach Millennial - Speak Social Media

Speaking to millennials in their language seems harder than you think….

My Guest Lecture “Creating Incredible Social Media”
-at New York University for Public Relations Copywriting professor, I shared what it takes to not only gain a relevant audience, but to escalate your dedication to market through social media.  And, it is a full time job.  It takes finesse and creativity, but it also takes on the challenge of learning to speak to others during online conversations.  Guess what, social media is marketing/ branding and PR all at once.
Other fun facts is that most of you need to learn to code ( at least a little bit ). 
— My friendly advice: get on the bus before its mandated in your job. Girls need to know this more than our guys because it seems ladies aren’t taught to find math sexy. But it is…And, learning to code is sometimes free or cheap.  This Monday,Google launched an awesome campaign on their browser - they told people to spend 1 hour on code. 
Meanwhile, I need the help of a fellow nerd to bring my website up to the new ages…HELP! Although learning Javascript for my latest entrepreneurial project for a mobile dating app, I too jumped on CodeAcademy .
Facebook’s Edgerank and Retargeting matters more than ever. You should also care knowing how it evolves within the various social media giants.  Twitter unveils tailored tweets…and knowing what to do target the appropriate audience is important to anyones’ success on paid media campaigns. Watch out for Pinterest especially if you need to sell something on etsy( why not channel your inner crafty - I did ) as its gaining traction on their sales portions /conversion.

Stop Control over Entrepreneurship

Because the IBM offices were near our high school in Southern California, I was afforded the opportunity to learn to code through an initiative they began to teach students to learn the future of technology.  I received an A. I would have gotten an A+ but I liked to party with my punk rock friends. I really liked numbers.  Who’d a thunk?  And at the fine age of 16, I began to learn old school dos language. By 2005, I taught myself HTML programming language and SEO to build and market a website from scratch. I’ve known for some time that my own site needed an overhaul that would include a better user interface for Mobile and IPad users.  Screen sizes and websites are no longer held to the same standard as was in 2008 - when I built my own. And, I agree that changes are needed to improve style and interaction for luxury mobile shoppers.  And, although my sites are not terrible, it might be time to hire someone that really is more inclined on making website design and development, their future in 2014.  I understand that while I am capable and experienced in tasking it to myself, coming to terms of letting go of control, I turned to eitherOpenDesk, or TaskRabbit to help find the right solutions.  

Entrepreneurship really doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself.  It just means that you have to look for clever answers. This revelation is therapy.  Friends just because I learned to code and design using Photoshop and Illustrator, it doesn’t mean, I am a great designer.  To be a good designer, you have to keep up with trends and its a fast moving train.  I would rather put my energy into the areas I do best.  Cool hunting, and sharing - as I am an idea person. Whether its creating and integrating social media strategies, designing movies or coming up with technology startup projects for dating sites to vet your dates in real time (stay tuned- early spill you heard it here first), I am setting aside my web designing chops for younger, stronger and far more talented people than myself.  Contact me if you are someone that has these skilz. Media along technology with luxury has proven exciting, lets let the dust settle.

Cyber Strength Shopping - Friday to Monday

Cyber Monday has already begun.  Today H&M rolled out an incredible online discountable for purchase made on their website.  They hook you with a 40% off all purchases in exchange for your email.  And for this gal, the annoyance of having to receive daily emails from them or anyone else you shop with is less of a burden than actually having to physically pound the pavement.  Budding designers do their best in offering luxury that lasts instead of cost effective fashion. The Small Business Saturday initiative in NYC helps but luxury boutiques wouldn’t be in business if they were able to offer these savings. Although some, like Joy Gryson,image are offering their finery with free shipping during Black Friday lasting till close of Cyber Monday.  It was good to see that New York Times contributing editors shared their fav one of kind shops while “the Grinch" publishers making it more of a challenge for small businesses by partnering with their advertisers in selling to luxury.  

A good recommendation for these small businesses is to get in on the app development world. Why? Because it will help them generate control while using tools that supports their business. During an UNCUBED panel engineer from Fog Creek mentioned start small and use free software: Furrier turned collections designer JMendel 2013 fall show makes me feel like supporting any of his items because he stayed clear of fancy investors and built up an empire by staying true to the brand…So, for the pleasure and ease of Sunday, post online stroll, check out my J.Mendel fashion show Birdseye view coverage 

CyberMonday Rules

Opening shop on Etsy for a Cyber Monday? Yes why not, there are no rules that says you shouldn’t. Our startup creations are added to the already overcrowded internet and up went our online shop called ProteKt -Recycle Reuse Reward - Reclaimed Luxury Yoga totes.  This time we took ProteKt ( an ecofriendly project )off the crowd-sourcing market Kickstarter because we learned our lessons of trying to do too much too fast too quick.  So, we are on Plan-B with the one test market…See how it roles, and if it sells, we will continue onto moving to perhaps one of the largest publishers/distribution sights in the world AMAZON.  When CEO surprised Charlie Rose last night on 60 Minutes:

that talked about the future and was creating drones which would some day touch down on your doorstop, I couldn’t help but accept the obvious, get on their server. If you’ve ever Kickstarted, you’de know it is not as easy as it looks.  But if you gained anything out of it, it was tracking by both parties Kickstarter and AMAZON. And that is a good thing even if you didn’t hit your goal. As a tech startup, collecting and understanding what to do with your data is important. Its important not only to track your potential customers, using it to prepare to predict where it will lead your businesses, is more useful than the click in the shopping bag. 

Meanwhile go spend with good intentions and causes -as I plan on supporting less privileged kids in need of a meal tonight.